Build A Killer Dating Website and Get Paid for Every Sign up!!

We start with picking the right domain name for the best search engine ranking.

Then buy your domain and how to change the DNS settings to make it point to your hosting server.

Next, we will install WordPress from start to finish showing you how to upload the dating theme.

How to upload and configure all the plugins that you need for a bulletin board, a paid registration page and member levels.

You will see how to setup your paid membership levels in subscriptions.

You will see how to configure the BuddyPress plugin to set up your paid member profiles.

How to customize the dating theme to your specifications and appearance.

  • Choose the correct domain name
  • Set up the name server
  • Install WordPress though cPanel
  • Download and install dating theme
  • Create and install your logo
  • Install all the plugins
  • Configure all the plugins
  • Set up membership levels
  • Configure PayPal settings on Paid Membership Pro
  • Configure search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Setup your bulletin board
  • Configure plugin to allow members to upload videos
  • How to submit your website to the top 50 search engines for free
My site is number 1 on page one of Yahoo and Bing in only 3 weeks after it was created!